Custom Page and Column Widths

Aurora Dawn allows for both a fixed and a fluid width layout. You can either set your site to be a certain pixel width or set it to fluid so it stretches to a specified percentage to take up the majority of the user’s screen. In addition you can easily set your own module column […]

LyteBox Setup Tutorial

Note – The lytebox script is by default disabled. If you wish to use it you must enable this script in the template’s configuration area. This also includes site shaper installations. The already enabled LyteBox feature gives your site a dazzling picture display! Make sure to click on each of the examples. LyteBox comes pre-installed […]

The Template’s Settings

This template comes loaded with options that you can use to customize your site exactly how you want it. Here’s how to get to these custom settings: In the backend of Joomla go menu item Extensions/Template Manager. Click on the title of the template. This will bring you to the template manager screen where you […]

Installing The Template

Download the installation package from our download section. Once the download is complete go to the backend of Joomla. Navigate through your menu system to Extensions/Install Uninstall.                      Once at the installation screen click the browse button and navigate to where you downloaded the template file. Once you have the file selected click 'Upload File […]