The Municipality of Samothraki invites all scientists, artists or friends who love Samothraki and wish to offer and contribute to its development in such fields as nature- environment-local identity –culture, to participate in the NETWORK ‘FRIENDS OF SAM


Samothraki has always had fans, pure lovers or permanent visitors, foreigners who love the island and very often buy land here, develop businesses or even create at their own countries inspired by Samothraki.


The Municipality and the Mayor, Mr. G. Chanos  invite all of you who love and have interests in the Island to participate actively in Samothraki s future planning and development.

At the moment Municipality is working towards the transformation of the island into a ‘’Green Island’’ promoting its sustainable development.

Samothraki participates in several networks on a national and international level in the field of sustainable development. (Quality Coast Net, Pact of Islands, DAPHNE Network) develops or run a few projects (Man and Biosphere Resevre UNESCO, SUSTAIN – Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policy, Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities).

In the framework of the above mentioned policy and in order to multiply the impact of those initiatives, to enhance their results, use the produced tools  and create new opportunities, we try to establish a NETWORK which hopes to create further development opportunities. Actions of this network may include promotion, participation in exhibitions, scientific conferences presentations and /or  proposal drafting.

We are open to suggestions as for the way in which the network can function as well as for the specific field topics in which you can contribute.

You are kindly requested to send us your contact details  so that we can form the network.

George Chanos


 Registration form 

You may fill in the registration form and sent it by fax at +302551041204 or e-mail [email protected]